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StreetscapePLUSTM is an innovation from Evans 2 Design Group in Calgary, AB CANADA. We are an award-winning Land Development Consultancy with a heritage that reaches back over 25 years. We provide Advisory Services and develop innovative Software Solutions for residential Land Developers & Homebuilders for the design & marketing of successful communities.

Some of our other offerings include:

  • MapsPLUS

    MapsPLUS allows for instant setup of real estate marketing maps on builder and developer websites. Each version can display different information, but can be administered centrally. Take a look at MapsPLUS for yourself.

  • StreetscapePHOTO

    In 2011 we created a photo library of research and marketing images for community marketing & architectural design. Feel free to browse and explore neighborhood brands, entrance features, signage and site photos from a growing variety of residential communities and commercial developments.

  • Operations Support

    Evans 2 Design Group began as an Architectural Design firm that specialized in the administration of Architectural Controls for master planned communities. Since 1986 we have conducted tens of thousands of approvals, and today we provide a wide variety of site inspection, project coordination and additional administrative support services to our clients throughout western Canada. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

  • Advisory Services

    We help our land development clients stay on top of their game with the most up-to-date expertise in the areas of architectural theming & guidelines development, market assessment, community branding, builder relations and general business advisory services. If you’d like to benefit from our experience, please contact us.

  • Creative Design

    We assist both builders and land developers in the branding & design of a full spectrum of creative content from signage to print marketing materials. If you’d like to see what we can do for you or your next project, please contact us.


Phil Moore, P.Eng, Project Manager - Lamont Land Inc.

"StreetscapePLUS brings the lot administration for the land development and home builder industry into the 21st century. It helps create an organized, consistent, interactive, real-time and professional process. We are enthusiastic about the awesome potential of what we’ve seen."

Moez Molodina, GM - Tristar Communities

"Tristar Communities believes in providing homebuyers with the highest quality experience from our website to our community amenities. StreetscapePLUS is an excellent step forward in providing fast & complete information to our builders and for homebuyers to make informed buying decisions."

Guy Buchanan, President of Co-Star Consulting Ltd. and former President of Centron Residential Corporation

"Evans 2 Design Group has a long history of reliable expertise. With their new technology solutions, they have truly taken their capabilities to an entirely new level.”

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