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The smartest, most efficient way to streamline
every aspect of new community marketing
& residential development.


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Land Developers

Take your operation to the next level with unprecedented ease, professionalism and relief from day-to-day tasks that take you away from what matters in your business.

New Home Builders

Get fast, clear information that actively supports every new sale with real-time interactive data from Marketing Maps to Architectural Approvals – all in one simple, easy-to-use location.

Consulting Engineers

Streamline workflow and records management around key operational processes such as lot inspections and grade slip administration, and get back to the business of engineering.

Architectural Consultants

A world-class collaboration platform to help you build unbreakable client loyalty & competitiveness while you accelerate cycle times, raise professionalism and add thousands in efficiency gains.


Marcello Chiacchia, GM - Genstar Development Company

"We have worked with Evans 2 Design Group on dozens of projects over several decades from everything from architectural guidelines & approvals to community branding & amenity designs. They have been an invaluable partner in helping Genstar create unique communities that has resulted in overall operational excellence and consistently strong returns.”

Phil Moore, P.Eng, Project Manager - Lamont Land Inc.

"StreetscapePLUS brings the lot administration for the land development and home builder industry into the 21st century. It helps create an organized, consistent, interactive, real-time and professional process. We are enthusiastic about the awesome potential of what we’ve seen."

Paul Boskovich, Development Manager - Genstar Development Company

"The technology innovations brought forth by Evans 2 Design Group over the past few years have added dramatically to the quality, consistency and responsiveness they provide to our builders and staff on a daily basis. Their innovation capability is something to keep a close eye on."

Moez Molodina, GM - Tristar Communities

"Tristar Communities believes in providing homebuyers with the highest quality experience from our website to our community amenities. StreetscapePLUS is an excellent step forward in providing fast & complete information to our builders and for homebuyers to make informed buying decisions."

Green Haven Development Corp

"Evans 2 Design Group was recommended to us by our Urban Planning firm. Industry recommendations speak volumes about the quality of work and reputation of the firm."

Guy Buchanan, President of Co-Star Consulting Ltd. and former President of Centron Residential Corporation

"Evans 2 Design Group has a long history of reliable expertise. With their new technology solutions, they have truly taken their capabilities to an entirely new level.”

Kendra Milne, Walton Development and Management L.P.

"StreetscapePLUS was the best choice for Walton because, the marketing tools are excellent, it integrates previously stand-alone processes within our organization, and the software comes out-of-the-box with so many great features that we will NOT need to pay for customizations or add-ons that others required.”

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